TA-Swiss project results

Technology Assessment Switzerland – TA-SWISS published the results of the project “When Algorithms Decide for Us: The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence” on April 15, 2020. Our iCoSys collaborator Jean Hennebert is a member of the TA-SWISS steering committee and chaired the project support group.

Towards energy efficiency

How much energy is consumed by Switzerland private households ? Our PhD student Frédéric Montet is studying ways to reduce housing energy consumption for the Facility 4.0 project. Here is a clear mind map he built with information from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.


Try our new coronavirus dashboard focused on Switzerland! In a few statistics, you’ll have an overview the virus in our neighboring countries and the world. Developed by our PhD candidate Frederic Montet for his mother. The dashboard is easy to understand and colorblind-friendly.

Andreas Fischer portrait

Our brilliant professor Andreas Fischer has its portrait presented in the HEIA-FR journal. Go learn more about this Pattern Recognition genius and human passionate!

Working for humanitarian matters

The IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2019 (GHTC) paper written by Mariana Vallo Docampo & Pascal Bruegger has been finally posted to the IEEE Xplore digital library ! The paper is Based on their experience with the ICRC. They designed a tailored ICT training for the humanitarian organization ICT specialists. You can learn more on the […]

iCoService Update !

We are proudly releasing a nice update to our microservices cluster! We recently added shared GPU support on top of Kubernetes. This was needed to deploy some larger deep learning models. The task was not easy as, by default, Kubernetes schedules only one container per GPU, which results in a considerable waste of computing resources. […]

Making Fribourg and Bulle smarter

La Liberté newspaper wrote about the SmartCity applied research project iCoSys, ISIS and Energy worked on. The project is about creating an intelligent network of measures using IoT Lora technology which will help the cities of Fribourg and Bull solve their problems of increased road traffic, noise and air quality. Read all about it there […]

iCoSys is working from home

We follow the Swiss authorities guidelines by working remotely from home. Our private services are still on and we are mastering the art of e-learning for our HEIA-FR students.

iCoSys @ the ICAIIC2020 in Japan !

Nicolas Zurbuchen and Pascal Bruegger presented their work on “Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Fall Detection using Wearable Sensors” at the ICAIIC2020 in Japan. Short abstract: The proportion of people 60 years old and above is rapidly increasing. A leading cause of death among elderly are falls. This paper presents the development of a […]


You have a competitive spirit ? You want to contribute in the evolution of the Video Optical Character Recognition (Video-OCR) research area? Register at the Arabic Text in Videos Competition 2020 https://diuf.unifr.ch/main/diva/AcTiVComp/ AcTiVComp20 is part of the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2020) and it is organized by our PhD in Computer Science Oussama […]