June 2022, iCoSys Team

Alphabetic order per last name.


Frédéric BapstProf.+41 26 429 65
Pascal BrueggerProf.+41 26 429 69
Houda Chabbi DrissiProf.+41 26 429 65
   Andreas FischerProf.+41 26 429 67
   Jean HennebertProf. (head iCoSys)+41 26 429 65
Ales JankaProf.+41 26 429 67
   Sébastien RumleyProf.+41 26 429 67
   Beat WolfProf.+41 26 429 67

Seniors and Postdocs

   Christophe GislerSenior research associate and Postdoc+41 26 429 69

Scientific Collaborators and PhD students

   Vincent Audergonscientific
   Valentin Baudinscientific
   Axel Casarealescientific
Simon Corbozscientific
   Thomas Dagier-Joncourscientific
   Jonathan Donzallazscientific
   Atefeh Fakhariscientific
   Camille Felderscientific
Samuel Fringeliscientific
   Damien Goetschiscientific
   Loïc Guibertscientific
   Arton Hoxhascientific
   Yael Iseliscientific
Michael Jungoscientific collaborator and PhD
   Charlie Junodscientific
Raluca-Ana Kesslerscientific collaborator and PhD
   Vincent Magninscientific
   Frédéric Montetscientific collaborator and PhD
Laurent Novacscientific
   Andrea Petrucciscientific
   Thomas Phungscientific
   Sébastien Reynaudscientific
   Jonathan Rialscientific
   Martin Roch-Neireyscientific
   Killian Ruffieuxscientific
   Linda Studerscientific collaborator and PhD
   Killian Vervellescientific
   Alec Von Barnekowscientific
   Maël Vialscientific


Timothée Biselxscientific collaborator
Yann-Ivain Beffascientific collaborator
Donatien Burin Des Roziersscientific collaborator
Lorenz Rychenerscientific collaborator
Gérôme BovetPhD graduated
Christophe Bovignyscientific collaborator
Laurent Chassotscientific collaborator
Ioan Sorin ComsaPhD graduated
Hoang-Qui Cungscientific collaborator
Marc Demierrescientific collaborator
Guillaume Dévaudscientific collaborator
Mouad Elmerchichiscientific collaborator
Nicolas Feyerscientific collaborator
Angelika GarzPhD graduated
Vincent Grivelscientific collaborator
Sylvain Julmyscientific collaborator
Pierre Kuonenprofessor
Lucy Linderscientific collaborator
Marco Lourençoscientific collaborator
Yao LuPhD graduated
Loic Monneyscientific collaborator
Steve Nuofferscientific collaborator
Yann Pillerscientific collaborator
Antonio RidiPhD graduated
Florian Rossierscientific collaborator
Jonathan Siggscientific collaborator
Nayla SokhnPhD graduated
Baptiste Wichtscientific collaborator and Postdoc
Roman Schindlerscientific collaborator
Rafic Galliscientific collaborator
Alain Guisolanintern
Julien Esseivascientific collaborator
Flavia Pittetscientific collaborator
Ngoc Thuy Nguyentechnical collaborator
Mariana Vallo Docamposcientific collaborator
Gilles Waeberscientific collaborator
Jean-Frédéric Wagenprofessor
Nicolas Zurbuchenscientific collaborator