Research axes in complex systems

iCoSys is an applied research institute active in the broad domain of Complex Systems. Currently, iCoSys focuses on the computer science perspective of Complex Systems.

iCoSys has 4 core axes of research:

  1. Distributed Computing: architectures and programming of parallel and large-scale distributed systems, middleware for programming and monitoring of large-scale distributed systems, mobile systems.
  2. Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI, machine learning, big data analysis, signal processing, algorithms and, in a general view, all information systems were data processing is complex.
  3. Sustainable ICT for Smart Living: data management and processing for sensor networks, Web of Things, Machine learning applied to smart city, smart building and smart living, IT for efficiency approaches.
  4. ICT for Industry 4.0: smart solutions for industries including anomaly detection, simulation of systems, quality assessment and prediction, information indexing and predictive maintenance.

home2Innovation in Complex Systems

The institute concentrates on areas with considerable added value for the economy. Therefore, we develop our  activities and projects in different sectors such as medicine, finance, production industry, building construction, government and army. We have a proven track of success for different applications such as smart buildings, smart factories, energy management, pathology detection, intelligent mobility and event detection in video surveillance. The institute specializes in massive information processing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence and signal processing. Visit our project page for exemplary projects.

Type of collaborations

With a team of senior researchers and engineers, we welcome applied research projects with academic and industrial partners. Our preferred sources of fundings are CTI projects, FNS, EU projects and direct research mandates.

We are also welcoming research visitors for short or long stays in our institute.