LynxData – A New Startup in Digital Innovation

About LynxData

LynxData emerges as a pioneering force in digital innovation, specializing in the development of complex IT systems and multi-platform applications tailored to meet specific needs. Founded by members of the iCoSys community, including Prof. Pascal Bruegger, this new startup brings together a team of dynamic and multi-skilled developers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Based in Grolley in the canton of Fribourg, LynxData designs and develops complex systems as well as multi-platform and web-based applications.

LynxData’s Projects

LynxData’s flagship project, Hestia, served as the foundation for its inception. Building upon the success of Hestia, LynxData continues to undertake software design and development projects that challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change in the digital landscape.

The LynxData’s Team

Led by CEO Pascal Bruegger and CTO Loïc Guibert, LynxData boasts a diverse and talented team of developers with a wealth of experience in software research and development. Together, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating impactful solutions that drive real-world change.

Moreover, LynxData collaborates with esteemed partners, including iCoSys, CISEL Informatique SA, and SoftDesign CFY. These partnerships allow LynxData to deliver exceptional solutions to its clients.

Get in Touch

For inquiries or collaborations, please feel free to reach out to LynxData. Contact details can be found on the company’s website: