Fritz Kutter Computer Science Award won by Lucy Linder

We are very proud to announce that our collaborator Lucy Linder has won the prestigious Fritz Kutter Computer Science Award. This award is given each year from the Fritz Kutter fund managed by the ETH Zürich and honoring the best thesis (diploma, master, doctoral) at a Swiss university. Her work “Using a Quantum Annealer for […]

New student projects hosted at iCoSys are launched

As of mid September 2019, we are proud to host at iCoSys several new student projects that will be realised in our labs: Master level DeepFashion – AI based services for the fashion industry Chatbot Awakening – Deep retrieval chatbots for the press industry Tutory – AI boosted e-learning platform ASHEP – Adaptive scheduling of HEP […]

Best Scientific Paper Award at the ICPR conference for iCoSys – Learning Graph Distances with Message Passing Neural Networks

Congratulations to our iCoSys colleague Prof. Andreas Fischer! He co-authored with Pau Riba, Josep Llados, and Alicia Fornes a paper that has been acknowledged with a Best Scientific Paper Award at the ICPR 2018 conference in Beijing, the flagship conference for research on Pattern Recognition. The work has been developed during a research visit of […]

New Deep Learning course is going to start at MSE

The Master of Science in Engineering – MSE of HES-SO is launching a new master course on Deep Learning this autumn semester in Zurich. The institute of Complex Systems – iCoSys has been selected through Prof. Jean Hennebert to lead this new module, together with Prof Martin Melchior from FHNW. The teaching team will also […]

Exposition des travaux de bachelor ce vendredi 31 août

Ne manquez pas de venir visiter l’exposition des travaux de bachelor de la HEIA-FR ce vendredi 31 août de 16h30 à 21h00. Lors de cette édition, l’institut des Systèmes Complexes iCoSys a eu le plaisir de relayer et d’encadrer différents projets de bachelor sur des idées amenées par  des entreprises ainsi que dans le cadre de […]

Yololoop, nous sommes avec vous !

L’équipe Yololoop formée par des ingénieurs des instituts iCoSys et HumanTech est en ce moment à Dublin, en pleine préparation pour la finale du prestigieux concours Google HashCode. La finale aura lieu demain samedi 28 avril 2018, entre 9:30 et 21:30 CET. L’équipe fribourgeoise composée de Beat Wolf (iCoSys), Jonathan Stoppani (iCoSys), Joël Dumoulin (HumanTech) et […]

Yololoop se sélectionne pour la finale du Google HashCode 2018

L’équipe YoloLoop formée par des informaticiens des instituts iCoSys et HumanTech a été sélectionnée ce 1er mars 2018 lors du prestigieux concours de programmation HashCode organisé par Google. L’équipe participera à la finale qui aura lieu prochainement à Dublin. La sélection s’est faite lors d’un premier round de sélection au niveau Européen avec plus de […]

4 Patents published with Verisign (CTI)

During the Veriname CTI project, we have been lucky to work with the excellent people at Verisign. From this collaboration, we were able to fill several patent applications. We are now happy to announce that these four patents are now approved and validated. Both the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent […]