First IA-telier

iCoSys hosts the first IA-telier with CCIF, connecting emerging talents and IT professionals to enhance AI competitiveness.

LynxData – A New Startup in Digital Innovation

LynxData, a new startup founded by members of the iCoSys community, is at the forefront of digital innovation. Specializing in complex IT systems and multi-platform applications, LynxData is based in Grolley, Fribourg, and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology.

PhD Position in Machine Learning (Document Image Analysis)

Large language models (LLMs) have a high potential for analyzing, recognizing, and validating scanned documents. However, they are mainly focused on the OCR text and do not take into account visual aspects, such as layout, illustrations, etc. that are of fundamental importance for document understanding. The successful candidate will perform basic research and develop novel methods for efficient integration of visual aspects into LLMs for document understanding. A particular focus will be to obtain explainable results with respect to both visual and textual contents of the documents.