FL Seminar – Sandy Ingram – Respirez … Respirez !

Le dernier séminaire FL du semestre aura lieu le mardi 16 Janvier. Sandy Ingram nous fera une présentation dont le titre ne manque pas d’air: “Respirez… … … Respirez… … … Respirez … … … profondément.” Attention à la salle : C20.19 Comme d’habitude la participation est gratuite mais vous êtes priés de vous inscrire sur […]

Conference Industrie 2025 – Data Mining for Process Modelling in Industry 4.0

As a follow up result of the project P4P2 – Process 4 Plastics 2, Jean Hennebert from iCoSys will give a presentation on the use of Machine Learning for Industry 4.0 in the context of modelling time series of plastic production processes. See conference programme Industrie 2025. iCoSys has recently initiated a new research axis […]

4 Patents published with Verisign (CTI)

During the Veriname CTI project, we have been lucky to work with the excellent people at Verisign. From this collaboration, we were able to fill several patent applications. We are now happy to announce that these four patents are now approved and validated. Both the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent […]