At iCoSys Fribourg, we ave set up a microservice cluster to deploy machine learning models scheduled by Kubernetes, including shared GPU support for deep learning.
COJAC is a two-fold tool for Java. It provides a numerical sniffer that detects anomalies arising in arithmetic operations and an enriching wrapper that automatically converts every float/double data into richer number types. With COJAC you don't have to modify your source code or even recompile. All the work is done at runtime, when your application gets instrumented on-the-fly. Feel free to browse the source code at
DLL is a machine learning framework that aims to provide a C++ implementation of neural networks and convolutional neural networks. The implementation provides significant speedups on cpu in comparison to other frameworks such as TensorFlow or Torch. It is then dedicated to the use phase of such deep models where performance on cpu is requested, such as in industry 4.0 applications.
ETL is a header only library for C++ that provides vector and matrix classes with support for Expression Templates to perform very efficient operations on them.
POP-Java is a Java implementation of the POP programming model. POP-Java allows programmers to easily distribute object orientated Java applications over the network, without having to handle the low level distribution work themselves. POP-Java is compatible with other implementations of the POP model, such as POP-C++, allowing “mixed” applications to be written.