Chen Kai’s PhD Public Presentation 20.06.2017

Chen Kai’s public PhD presentation on “Structured Learning for Layout Analysis of Historical Documents“, will take place at Pérolles II, C140, on the 20th of June at 16h15. It will be followed by an apero (for which you should fill in this doodle if you intend to participate).  

FL Seminar – COJAC

Our next FL Seminar will take place on May, 23 (room C20.19). Frédéric Bapst will tell us more about COJAC. COJAC – More Power (and fun!) in Java Numbers May, 23 – C20.19 youtube | github As always, our member and friend Ngoc Thuy will take care of the catering (thanks!). Please, don’t forget to register […]

Free-Lunch – Projet TAKE

Chers membres et amis d’iCoSys, Demain 9 mai, lors du Free-Lunch iCoSys, Simon Ruffieux et Christophe Gisler présenteront le projet TAKE effectué en collaboration avec Armasuisse. Au plaisir de vous y croiser ! Lien vers la description du projet :

PhD Thesis Public Presentation of Christophe Gisler

We are happy to announce that Christophe Gisler successfully passed today the internal examination of his PhD thesis: GENERIC DATA-DRIVEN APPROACHES TO TIME SERIES CLASSIFICATION We cordially invite you to the public presentation that will take place this Friday 28th of April at 16h30 in room G230 at UNIFR, Boulevard de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg. […]

Let’s celebrate the new cycle 17-20 for iCoSys

Dear colleagues and followers of iCoSys. We happily announce you that our strategy for the next 4 years of development of iCoSys (period 17-20) has been approved by our peers and by the direction of the University. To celebrate this we cordially invite you to share beers and juices today Thursday 28th of April in […]