New student projects hosted at iCoSys are launched

As of mid September 2019, we are proud to host at iCoSys several new student projects that will be realised in our labs:

Master level

  • DeepFashion – AI based services for the fashion industry
  • Chatbot Awakening – Deep retrieval chatbots for the press industry
  • Tutory – AI boosted e-learning platform
  • ASHEP – Adaptive scheduling of HEP applications on heterogeneous resources (Berkeley)

Bachelor Level

  • Colorizer – Deep Learning for automatic coloration of images
  • MicroPara – Micro service for paraphrasing
  • ML4FRI – Machine Learning to predict warm areas in the city of Fribourg
  • REWI – Rule Engine web-interface for smart reactor
  • Improving DAN analysis tools (with UniFr)
  • Rapid annotation of data for machine learning (with UniFr)

Next call for student projects: January 2020