4 Patents published with Verisign (CTI)

During the Veriname CTI project, we have been lucky to work with the excellent people at Verisign. From this collaboration, we were able to fill several patent applications.

We are now happy to announce that these four patents are now approved and validated. Both the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO) approved the patents. Verisign claimed the patents, but the invention is shared. The inventors of the patent are Baptiste Wicht and Jean Hennebert from the iCoSys institute and Vincent Raemy and Vincenzo Russo from Verisign.

  • Systems and methods for automatic phonetization of domain names
  • Construction of phonetic representation of a string of characters
  • Method for writing a foreign language in a pseudo language phonetically resembling native language of the speaker
  • Construction of a phonetic representation of a generated string of characters

All these patents come from the Veriname project. In this project, we generated domain name suggestions based on the phonetic sound of a domain names. The idea being to generate domain names that sounds the same as an already taken domain (airmix could become rmix or rmics). Moreover, this new name suggestion technique is now used in production by Verisign.

This concludes a very interesting project that has led to yet another CTI project (Deep-Suggestions) which will surely be as successful as the first project.