Andreas Fischer

Andreas Fischer, PhD (Computer Science), Professor
Phone: +41 26 429 6734
Office: C10.09
iCoSys Institute
School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg
Boulevard de Pérolles 80
1700 Fribourg, Switzerland


Domains of Expertise

  • Pattern Recognition, Applied Machine Learning
  • Document Analysis, Handwriting Recognition, Natural Language Processing
  • Graph Matching, Graph Edit Distance, Geometric Deep Learning


  • Pattern Recognition (Master, English, UniFR)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (Bachelor, German, HEIA-FR)
  • Formal Languages (Bachelor, French, HEIA-FR)
  • IT Project Management (Bachelor, German, HEIA-FR)
  • Software Skills Lab (Bachelor, English, UniFR)

Research Projects

  • HisDoc: Historical document analysis, recognition, and retrieval
    2009-2012, PhD student, SNF
  • Bootstrapping handwriting recognition systems for historical documents (P141453)
    2012-2013, PI, SNF
  • Automatic handwriting recognition and writer identification based on the Kinematic Theory (P151279)
    2014-2015, PI, SNF
  • Deep Suggestions: Automatic domain name suggestion
    2016-2018, WP leader, Innosuisse with VeriSign Sàrl
  • LibViz: The visible digital library
    2017-2018, PI, Hasler
  • TaxHWR: Automatic handwriting recognition for tax form validator
    2017-2019, PI, TAINA Technology
  • AlpLinkBioEco: Linking bio-based industry value chains across the Alpine region
    2018-2019, WP leader, Interreg
  • SwissTranslation: Automatic translation from Swiss German to High German
    2018-2021, PI, Swisscom
  • A combined budding/T-cell score in pT1 and stage II colorectal cancer
    2019-2022, Co-PI, Rising Tide

Research Community

  • Member of the leadership team of the IAPR-TC11: Reading Systems
  • Member of the governing board of the International Graphonomics Society (IGS)
  • Co-Chair of the 4th International Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing (HIP’2017) in Kyoto, Japan
  • Co-Chair of the 16th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR’2021) in Lausanne, Switzerland


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