PhD Position in Machine Learning (Document Image Analysis)

Large language models (LLMs) have a high potential for analyzing, recognizing, and validating scanned documents. However, they are mainly focused on the OCR text and do not take into account visual aspects, such as layout, illustrations, etc. that are of fundamental importance for document understanding. The successful candidate will perform basic research and develop novel methods for efficient integration of visual aspects into LLMs for document understanding. A particular focus will be to obtain explainable results with respect to both visual and textual contents of the documents.

Les Brainstormings d’Alliance | Maintenance prédictive: des données à l’IA

iCoSys is excited to participate in Alliance’s brainstorming event focused on predictive maintenance with AI. Predictive maintenance is crucial for companies across various industries to prevent financial losses caused by equipment breakdowns or premature replacements. This approach relies on data analysis and artificial intelligence can play a pivotal role. The event on September 28 will feature discussions among industry peers and academic institutions on the automatic collection and management of relevant data for effective predictive maintenance. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Jean Hennebert will deliver a talk on the remaining research challenges in this field.

50% Engineer Position in Computer Science

Position: Are you starting your MSE master studies at 50%? Or are you simply looking for a computer science position at 50% min? This announcement is for you. The position includes, not limited to, full-stack software development, machine learning and assisting bachelor level students for practical work. Contracts are typically for a duration of min 1 […]

New AI microservices on our iCoService cluster

We are proudly releasing a couple of new Artificial Intelligence microservices! Students, collaborators and even profs are contributing to extending the list of microservices on our Kubernetes cluster. Check them out here: All microservices are accessible through REST API following the openapi v3 specification (OAS3).   Flip-ML. The objective of this microservice is to […]

ICDAR 2021 in Lausanne

Join us at ICDAR 2021 in Lausanne from 5 to 10th of September 2021. As academic sponsor, iCoSys is involved in the organisation of the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition. This is the main and biggest conference for the research community active in document analysis and recognition, a field of growing importance in the current age of digital transition.