New HEIA-FR R&D brochure using procedural art

The new R&D brochure of the HEIA-FR entitled “Collaborer pour innover” has been released with an unique feature. iCoSys was asked to design the new title page of the brochure using procedural art, with the possibility to create an infinite amount of variations. The result is a unique work of art, which uses as its parameters different statistics of the R&D as well as the current data and time. All the brochures that have been and will be printed are thus unique and never repeat. Certain rare editions of the cover art only appear in one out of 100 impressions, making them unique collectible items. You can find the non-unique PDF version bellow or your personal collector’s edition at the HEIA-FR, various events or contact us to get your copy.

The German version is here.



A special thanks goes to Jonathan Donzallaz that implemented this project under the supervision of Beat Wolf.