Human-in-the-loop heating control system validation

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  • Energy savings
  • Smart building
  • User interface
  • Heating regulation
  • Human-centered

Smart Living Lab


This project aims to ultimately reduce heating energy consumption in individual or small rental buildings “at a constant building level”, by exploiting the fact that regulations are set to target a specific temperature, often set too high. Indeed, users easily accept a temperature higher than their comfort threshold, especially because it’s easy to ventilate.

The envisaged system will, on the contrary, aim for a stable temperature by constantly lowering the heating. However, to avoid extremes, the system will be adjusted based on user feedback. Users can spontaneously or upon prompting express their feelings via a messaging system such as WhatsApp. This project aims to demonstrate the viability of such a system and to verify the hypothesis that regulation based on the confrontation of these two mechanisms can be more economical while maintaining user comfort.