LYSR SwissUniversities startup accelerator
  • Prof. Dr. Jean Hennebert
  • Prof. Dr. Beat Wolf
  • Jonathan Rial
  • Time-series analysis
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cloud platform

LYSR is a startup founded by members of iCoSys in the context of a SwissUniversities startup accelerator program. LYSR focuses on one of the key strengths of iCoSys, which is anomaly detection and predictive maintenance in time-series data for industry 4.0. LYSR provides a highly reliable, easy to use and scalable cloud environment to store, visualize and analyze time-series data. A key component of the platform is the integration of ready to use models (classical or machine learning) to simplify the initial setup, as well as the ability to easily integrate custom models developed either by LYSR or the user of the platform.

LYSR is a platform that uses technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Ray and combines them in a scalable micro-service architecture capable of running on public or private clouds.