Institute for Complex Systems (iCoSys)

A system is said “complex” when it is composed of many intertwined subsystems and for which it is difficult to establish simple rules explaining its behavior/evolution. The Institute for Complex Systems defines its scope in this emerging field for which informatics, intelligent data analysis, massively distributed computing, mathematical modeling and systems engineering are the main supports.

iCoSys supports technological innovation in the field of complex system for sustainable economic development and better education. By promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology from the academic field to the local and regional economy, the Institute intends to develop interdisciplinary approaches and build national and international cooperation.

Domains of activity

With activities and achievements in various fields such as environmental applications, smart buildings, energy management, pathology detection, smart mobility or event detection in the stream of video surveillance, the Institute is interested in areas with high added value for the economy. The institute specializes in areas such as massive information processing, cloud computing, machine learning, business intelligence and signal processing.


Heads 2
Professors 9
Collaborators 14
Postdoctoral researchers 9


The best way to better understand iCoSys is to have a look at past and ongoing projects, which we present here.


Dr Pierre Kuonen, Professor, head of iCoSys phone: +41 26 429 65 65 pierre.kuonen@hefr.ch / icosys@hefr.ch
Dr Jean Hennebert, Professor, head of iCoSys phone: +41 26 429 65 96 jean.hennebert@hefr.ch / icosys@hefr.ch