ICT Field Training for Humanitarian Contexts

ICT Field Training for Humanitarian Contexts Bridging theoretical and practical humanitarian knowledge
  • HES-SO Fribourg
  • Prof. Pascal Bruegger
  • pascal.bruegger@hefr.ch
  • Mariana Vallo Docampo
  • Training
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Humanitarian
  • Work analysis
Our skills
Humanitarian context specialization, Training for multicultural context, Educational engineering, Work analysis, Skills assessment, Computer science, Radio Communication, Network.
Tailored ICT training for humanitarian field specialists.
Our Partners:

  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  • iSiS – HES-SO
2018 – 2020

Information and communication technologies are central tools for Humanitarian Organizations operations. ICT field specialists are real practical experts, but the lack of theoretical knowledge prevents them from being self-sufficient and efficient in unexpected situations.

Because we know that ICT specialists cannot be removed from the field for too long, we built a full and innovating hybrid training methodology for them. This methodology is based on state-of-the-art education and ergonomics techniques. The training methodology is called “hybrid” because it articulates classroom phases and distance training phases. Also, every course is tailored for the need of each specialist participating.

Tailored training

We believe that the effectiveness of a training depends on how close it is from the real work of the trainees. The closer the learning situation is to the work situation, the best trainees can transfer their learnings. And that is a central point for the output / investment balance.

We developed a methodology that allows us to reach ICT specialists’ real work experiences in order to didactize them and create a tailored training.

Knowledge assessment

We built an online exam that assesses the state of knowledge of ICT specialists. It is designed to reflect the level of competence requested by the organization they are working for and it identifies where the training needs are.

Four training key goals:

  • Acquire and/or consolidate theoretical knowledge in ICT;
  • Be able to transfer theoretical knowledge to practical situations;
  • Be able to solve more or less complex work situations;
  • Gain autonomy at work.

This training methodology has been designed in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for all their ICT specialists around the world. It is currently being implemented.

We aim to include more Humanitarian Organizations and help them develop their ICT skills in an increasingly unsteady context.


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