DigiRENT-AI Innovative real estate rental solution using AI

  • Patrick Maillard
  • Etienne Kneuss
  • HES-SO Fribourg (iCoSys)
  • Prof. Dr. Jean Hennebert
  • Dr. Christophe Gisler

  • Real Estate
  • Digital Rental Service
  • Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning
Matching Learning
Complex Data Systems

Commercialization of DigiRENT

Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency)

10.2022 – 04.2024

IMMOMIG SA employs 30 people and is the Swiss leader in CRM software for real estate agencies. Approximately 20% of Swiss agencies use its SaaS offering, which includes numerous marketing and CRM functionalities dedicated to the real estate industry.

Agencies spend up to 30% of their time manually processing rental applications, resulting in a loss of productivity and quality in selecting the best candidates. In addition, the cost of publishing rental properties represents up to 40% of their marketing budget. Faced with competition, they must find solutions to optimize their budget and remain competitive. The DigiRENT-AI project aims to add artificial intelligence to DigiRENT, IMMOMIG’s new service for digital rental property management, in order to automate/optimize its processes and thus reduce the processing time of rental applications by 50% and the publication costs by 30%.

The research aims to design a matching learning technology that can be applied to various stages of the rental process to predict the best publishing strategies, the most suitable agencies to rent the property and to help choose the applications. This AI technology will find the best matches between different objects with common characteristics. Other AI modules will be designed to automatically validate application attachments.

DigiRENT-AI will use data from 300,000 properties collected by IMMOMIG over the past 15 years. This unique database in Switzerland constitutes a barrier to entry for the competition.