BENEFRI 2022 Summer School

What ?

The BENEFRI workshop, on the subject of distributed systems with their applications to HPC, Big Data, simulation and AI, will take place in 2022, under the organization of the HEIA-FR (Fribourg – Sébastien Rumley)

When ?

The workshop will start on August 29th at 13h30 and will end on August 31rd, 12h00.

Where ?

Grand Hotel & Kurhaus Chemin de la Forêt 6 1986 Arolla

To get there, there is “Car Postal” who can bring you into Arolla village (stop “Arolla, poste”). From there, there is a 5-10 min walk to the hôtel. Below a typical schedule from Sion to get there on time (with some extra time for check-in and getting settled) :


If this schedule is too early for you, two options :

  • There is another relation that will bring you to Arolla, poste at 14h. But then you will miss the first presentation(s)
  • There is a bus arriving at 12h35 at “Les Haudères”. From there you might be able to find an arrangement with a participant with a car (15min ride). If this option is interesting but you know nobody, write to sebastien.rumley -at-

You can also come by car. Leave the highway at “Sion, Est” and follow the itinerary below. Mind that it will take you around 50min to get there…




To register to the workshop (and book your accommodation), please contact Sébastien Rumley ( who will include you to a group address.

Here are the (tentative) prices for two nights, two dinners, one lunch + seminar room :

  • Single room : CHF 444
  • Shared room : CHF 314

Confirmed participants (40 to date, 17 seniors and 23 students) :

UNINE – Seniors:

  • Pascal Felber
  • Marcelo Pasin
  • Peter Kropf
  • Valerio Schiavoni
  • Adrian Holzer
  • Vladimir Macko
  • <new comer>

UNINE – Students:

  • James
  • Peterson
  • Rémy
  • Pasquale
  • Simon
  • Romain Claret
  • Panagiotis Gkikopoulos

HEIA – Seniors:

  • Sébastien Rumley
  • Jean Hennebert
  • Pierre Kuonen
  • Jean-Frédéric Wagen
  • Oussama Zayene
  • Beat Wolf
  • Christophe Gisler

HEIA – Students:

  • Yann Maret
  • Linda Studer
  • Michael Jungo
  • Frédéric Montet

UNIBE – Seniors:

  • Torsten Braun
  • Antonio Di Maio

UNIBE – Students:

  • Alisson Medeiros
  • Lucas Pacheco
  • Maria Hrabosova
  • Eric Samikwa
  • Negar Emami
  • Yemshid Farhat Quinones
  • Jesutofunmi Ajayi
  • Jakob Schaerer
  • Hexu Xing
  • Dimitris Xenakis
  • Patric Hammler

HEVS – Seniors:

  • Gianluca Rizzo

HEVS – Students:

  • Mina Aghaei Dinani