Assainissement 4.0 – Building Energy Diagnostics in 5 minutes

Assainissement 4.0 Make building energy diagnostics in 5 minutes
  • HES-SO Fribourg
  • Mylène Devaux
  • Jean Hennebert
  • Thomas Jusselme
  • Frédéric Montet
  • Alessandro Pongelli
  • Stefanie Schwab
  • Energy performance
  • Structural performance
  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • Refurbishement
Our skills
Strong expertise in structural and energy analysis of buildings, strong expertise in machine learning


  • iCoSys Institute
  • iTEC Institute
  • TRANSFORM Institute
  • ENERGY Institute
HEIA-FR (Smart Living Lab research program)
2020 – 2022

This project is part of the general context of the energy transition and the reduction of the environmental impact of the building sector, which accounts for 1⁄3 of CO2 emissions in Switzerland and about 45% of energy consumption. Driven by the federal council and its 2050 energy strategy, building remediation projects will intensify in the next decade.

The Assainissement 4.0 project aims at developing rapid pre-diagnosis tools to estimate the energy and structural performance of a building stock based on Machine Learning. The objective is to accelerate and reduce the cost of developing strategic intervention plans at the scale of a city or entire building stock by exploiting available digital data.