AlpLinkBioEco Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region
  • HES-SO Fribourg
  • Prof. Andreas Fischer
  • HES-SO Fribourg
  • Damien Goetschi
  • Alpine Region
  • Bio-Based Economy
  • Industry Value Chains
  • Linking Actors
Our skills
Big data, data science, natural language processing, actor classification, computer-supported generation of value chains
Value chain generator for linking actors in bio-based economy

Our Partners:

  • Consortium of 14 European partners
Interreg EU

A missing holistic transnational/regional approach in the Alpine Space causes existing actors in the bio-based economy to operate disjointed. Relevant clusters operate disconnected, important value chains are not established especially for producing high value applications and products that address critical societal needs: circular economy, environmental sustainability, local employment and quality of life.

In this project, iCoSys has developed a computer-based support for linking actors in the Alpine Space and create new value chains in the bio-based economy. The Value Chain Generator (VCG) is based on a central database of actors that are described using NACE codes as well as more detailed input-process-output descriptors in natural language. By means of a web application, the VCG allows cluster managers to discover new biolinks and scale-up biolink ideas across the whole Alpine region.